Build your website
for $835 only.*

*The price is estimated and does not include content publishing.

Six simple steps


Handing simple list of requirements.


Confirming cost and agree to proceed.


Choosing and registering domain & hosting plan.


WordPress initial install.


Build elements based on list provided.


Launch website.

Handing Requirements

Handing simple list of requirements. You can use this questionnaire to help you building your list. When you finish from the list paste it into a Sales Ticket, sales department ticket is free to open.

Time estimate: depends on customer’s submitted list.

Agree on Fees

You will receive a reply ticket from the sales department confirming cost and agree to proceed with the WordPress install. Customer can do the next step (Domain & Hosting) while this step is under process.

Time estimate: 1 day.

Domain & Hosting

Choose and register your domain and hosting plan we recommend our favorite providers:

  • Cloudways for enterprise projects (Specialized in hosting only)
  • Inmotion Hosting for professional individuals (Domain & Hosting)

Time estimate: 1 day.

WordPress install

WordPress initial installation.

Time estimate: 1 day.

Build elements based on list provided.

Handing simple list of requirements.

Time estimate: depends on customers list.

Launching Website

Launch website.

Time estimate: 1 day.

$835 Price Breakdown

Estimated time: 1 week or more depends on added elements or content.
All parts are optional you can buy any of them independently.


Covering support cost through project life. Maximum period of one month from the subscription day. Subscribe to Webmaster one-month.


Covering favorite hosting plan of one WordPress website. Subscribe to our favorite providers: Cloudways, Inmotion Hosting.


Covering five optional but essential WordPress setups: security, theme, Google Analytics, branding plugin and basic SEO. Open single job ticket.

Probably you need to add content to your website or design a landing/home page. Open single job ticket.